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by Christina Ledbetter


Kroger and CrossFit and Mixed Signals

I’m getting mixed signals from Kroger: Speaking of confusion, how do pickles have zero calories? Zero calories? Come on now, Mr. Pickle. You’re not a diet Coke, which leaves me baffled as to how you’ve pulled this off: Speaking of pulling the wool over my eyes, remember the produce police I met a few weeks ago? The one who warns the world against paying for water on your cabbage? So […]

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Supermodel Stuff

My cleaning lady just called me and in panicked, broken English told me that she forgot to clean the mirror in my half-bath yesterday. Y’all, I’m thinking this means she thinks I’m like a tyrant. Or at best a witch. Anyway, I fired her. Kidding! Okay, but if she did think me a diva, she’s not too far off. You want to know why? Because I’m going to me on […]

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Last Place

I said I wasn’t turning this into a Cultfit Crossfit blog, but hang with me for two paragraphs. So we’ve been doing Cultfit for two and a half weeks now, and for the past three days the coaches have wanted us to figure out our “max” on certain lifts. Like, what’s the all out highest amount of weight I can lift one time for a particular move. I have gathered two bits […]

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