Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


Benson Doesn’t Love the Cat

I often say to Benson, “Don’t you love our cat?!” to which he always replies, “I like Harold, I don’t love Harold.” Below, I have compiled some pictures of Benson not loving Harold… Here, Benson doesn’t love Harold while he pulls him close and plays the piano for him: This picture depicts Benson not loving Harold while laying on the floor just to be near him after a hard day at […]

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My cat threw up this morning about ninety seconds after he’d finished breakfast. I found it as I was stepping out onto my balcony (balcony makes it sound like I live in a mansion on the sea; I don’t) to water my dying bougainvilleas. There it was, looking like I’d dumped a fresh can of Friskies’ Ocean Treasures directly onto my hardwoods. I stared down at it for a second, […]

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