Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter

Stuff That Happens at the Doctor

I have such a nice doctor that sometimes I’m totally okay with having sinus infections because it means I get to see Dr. J. I paid him a visit on Friday. I’ve been having chest pains for a few months, plus I’ve had pesky intestines that don’t like to cooperate for most of my life. Turns out, it’s the ole anxiety flaring up again. I listed my ailments involving the […]

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Benson Doesn’t Love the Cat

I often say to Benson, “Don’t you love our cat?!” to which he always replies, “I like Harold, I don’t love Harold.” Below, I have compiled some pictures of Benson not loving Harold… Here, Benson doesn’t love Harold while he pulls him close and plays the piano for him: This picture depicts Benson not loving Harold while laying on the floor just to be near him after a hard day at […]

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Last Place

I said I wasn’t turning this into a Cultfit Crossfit blog, but hang with me for two paragraphs. So we’ve been doing Cultfit for two and a half weeks now, and for the past three days the coaches have wanted us to figure out our “max” on certain lifts. Like, what’s the all out highest amount of weight I can lift one time for a particular move. I have gathered two bits […]

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Stuff I Write About

Sometimes I write stuff that I have daydreams about making into a book one day. (Hey publishers, call me. [insert coy wink]) Here are the first few rough paragraphs from one of those pieces. Once I finish this and hopefully fourteen other essays chronicling my existence, I’ll let you know by begging you to buy my stuff. Matches When I was six, Chad, my older brother by four years, suggested we have a […]

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My cat threw up this morning about ninety seconds after he’d finished breakfast. I found it as I was stepping out onto my balcony (balcony makes it sound like I live in a mansion on the sea; I don’t) to water my dying bougainvilleas. There it was, looking like I’d dumped a fresh can of Friskies’ Ocean Treasures directly onto my hardwoods. I stared down at it for a second, […]

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Stuff that Happens at Kroger

A couple of weeks ago at Kroger, I saw a lady patrolling the produce aisle, warning anyone who dared pick up a peach or head of cauliflower, “Don’t pay for water” while she handed them paper towels. I tried to avoid her eyes as I reached for my kale because I didn’t feel like patting down my vegetables as she was instructing everyone else to do, but she spotted me anyway and waved a […]

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