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Glowing Reviews

I used coconut oil instead of hair gel yesterday because some stupid beauty blog told me that the coconut would make my hair beautiful. It didn’t. It looks like I’m wearing Soul Glo. And while right now I really want to sit down and write a blog about my mounting depression concerning the oil in my hair and my worry that I may have permanently stained my pillow… I have to do […]

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Benson Doesn’t Want to Talk About It

For the past week, I have spoken to my husband about very little other than the pros and cons of a blue duvet vs. a cream comforter and whether or not we should buy a new dresser. Finally, a few nights ago, he asked… And so, for twelve hours, I kept thinking of amazing decorating ideas to talk to him about, but instead of speaking them aloud, I had to […]

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Whoopee to the Rescue

Benson and I led a marriage retreat this weekend… And though there were times where we got mixed up with our notes, and our words got all jumbled when trying to explain some topics that were still a bit hazy in our minds, and one guy actually fell asleep in the middle of a lesson, we trust everyone enjoyed themselves from 9:30 to 10:00 PM.  

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Taking a Stand

Benson bought a twenty-dollar coffee table off Amazon and sawed the legs down to about a foot each. Last Friday, I hauled the table to his office (he drives a scooter and we decided strapping a coffee table onto the back would prove unwise), and helped him clear off his desk, position the table on top, and then put everything back onto the table. He says sitting is killing America, so now […]

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