Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter

This and That

The Preacher and The Plan

The Preacher I married a preacher man! Not really, but Benson did teach at church back in August and I took a poll from the whole universe and everybody agreed that it was the best sermon ever preached since Jesus’ time. Here’s the link! The Plan I went to Petsmart last week just to pet the adoptable cats. I spent so long in the store that a lady asked if […]

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The Odd Place

I’m in an odd place. It’s not a necessarily bad place (though if I were the gloomy type I could see it leading to a depression), and describing it as good seems a bit premature. It’s simply odd. Here’s how it happened: For the past two years I’ve been writing a book. In order to write said book, I gave up much of my freelance writing jobs. Now, after several […]

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The Winner!

The CultFit gym I go to held an essay competition. The prompt: 1. Why do you attend CrossFit? 2. Why you would like to attend the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course? I actually wanted to attend the course, so not only did I write an essay, I included illustrations for good measure. It’s hosted by the fancy CrossFit corporate people who look like gladiators, and if you pass the test […]

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Relaxation 2

I passed out yesterday. It was right after Benson noticed me standing very still at the kitchen counter staring at a wad of kale on the cutting board, butcher knife in hand. He said, “I don’t think you should be operating a knife right now,” and then – ploop! Down I went. And get this – he caught me! My hero! He propped me up and wrapped my noodly arms […]

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I shouldn’t be operating the Internet under these conditions. It started Saturday when I noticed it hurt to turn my head to the far right. Huh, that’s funny, I thought. Musta tweaked something. The pain was actually in the back of my head, right where you’d aim to hit someone with a frying pan should they be up to no good. I showed Benson. “See, this hurts,” I said, turning […]

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Stuff I Pray About

I’m teaching a women’s retreat. It’s my first time venturing out of my own church for a speaking gig (“gig” makes it sound like I’ll be playing the bass at a nightclub but I couldn’t think of another word). I asked the gal organizing the retreat to email me a list of those attending so that I could pray over each lady by name. Then I took my idea a […]

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