Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


This Thing I Did the First Decade of Marriage and Why I Stopped

I had a really smooth process for communicating difficult subjects throughout my first decade of marriage. It went something like this: Talk. Talk. Talk more. Give an analogy. Throw in another more creative analogy. Cry Wait, I have another analogy to express my feelings. Talk Talk Scream. Then I found out this better way to communicate, and I even use it in friendships. I made a video about it.

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This Thing I’m Doing

I have a plan. It started a few years ago. We were out in the courtyard of our neighborhood talking to some friends and when we came back inside Benson said, “While we were out there, I was admiring your gray hair.” “It’s that obvious?” I asked, reaching my hand up to the side of my head. “Yeah, but I was admiring it!” he said glowingly. “The sun was hitting […]

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The Park

On Saturday morning Benson and I went to Memorial Park. After I finished my “run” (imagine a drunk woman quickly staggering from her seat at the bar to the bathroom), I fumbled around on the pull-up bars while I waited on Benson to finish his “run” (imagine the Olympics). “You have a strong upper body,” said a voice. The voice belonged to this dude who’d been doing headstands on park […]

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Benson got an email from work saying they were going to bring in a professional photographer to take everybody’s headshots. “Benson’s a model?” you ask. Nope. He’s an engineer. The night before the pictures, Benson began to prepare. Benson (calling from the bathroom): Time to trim the ol’ eyebrows! (Sound of electric razor heard from bathroom) (Sound of electric razor abruptly stops) Benson (crestfallen): Oh no. Christina (calling from bedroom): What did […]

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Stuff People Said About Communicating

We went on a cruise with our friends Jason and Heather. They’ve been married four years, and whenever Jason makes fun of Heather (he called her a sea hag one day on the boat deck) he grabs her arm and kisses it afterward. Speaking of communication techniques, Benson and I are mentoring two engaged couples right now. Throughout our marriage, we’ve read books, attended conferences, gone to classes all on […]

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Washing Dishes

The other night while I washed dishes, Harold the cat was busy sleeping on the couch, and Benson was busy cuddling him. “Harold, what do you smell like?” Benson asked, rubbing Harold’s armpits. I called from the kitchen, “He smells good! I smell him all the time – he’s like…like, warm and soft smelling.” “You’re right! He smells nice,” he said, burrowing his nose into Harold’s belly. “Do you want to […]

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Trivial Matters

Time: 6:13 AM, Thanksgiving Day Place: Benson and Christina’s bathroom Setting: Benson is in the bathtub whistling. Christina is at the bathroom counter simultaneously applying makeup, brushing her teeth, packing, and making a mental note of things she needs to remind the dog-sitter. They need to leave for the airport in 32 minutes. In the past, this has always been Benson’s ideal time to question Christina’s political stance on the libertarian […]

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