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Stuff That Isn’t What You Think

On Friday I received a voicemail. It was a man named Mark who identified himself as a social worker calling from the Memorial City Hospital emergency room. When I called the number back the receptionist asked, “Do you know the patient’s name?” to which I answered in a quivery voice, “No, I don’t know anything.” She put me on hold. While on hold I had the following thoughts: Benson wrecked […]

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That Time I Got Fired by a Homeless Woman

I was fired by a homeless woman. Here’s the thing… Every month a group of ladies from my church goes to a homeless shelter to give manicures and pedicures to Houston’s homeless women. The shelter is a large concrete building, hot and sticky with women and children filling the waiting area to find out if there’s an open bed. They bring the heat in with them. It radiates off of […]

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What Happened When We Bought a Scooter

So we passed our motorcycle test. (Well, Benson passed.) Time to buy a scooter, baby! After an unfortunate trip to a scooter shop in Houston in which Benson test drove one while I buried my face into his back, pleading him to be careful, that I didn’t want to die on the streets and who would feed the dog?, we decided that Benson should be in charge of searching for […]

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Born to be (Fraudulently) Wild

A few years ago Benson and I had an idea. What if we got rid of one of our vehicles and bought a scooter? We’d be a one car family in the city. The only thing hipper would be moving to Harlem and beatboxing in the streets on weekends, I swear. (I cannot tell you the amount of things I’ve/we’ve decided to do solely because they seemed hip: joining a produce […]

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