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The Kidnappers

A few weeks ago Benson and I went to Florida. I say Florida because Florida sounds slightly fancier than Panama City Beach. Florida could mean Miami and martinis and nightlife. I’d wear a sparkly little number and hold my drink in the air while Benson and I danced at a night club where they only play Latin music. Instead, we actually went to Panama City where my family has a […]

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Stuff My Nephew Said

A few months ago, my ten-year-old nephew (my brother’s son) flew in from Atlanta and spent his spring break with us. I interviewed him… Christina (sitting on my bed with my laptop in my lap): Okay, what was the happiest moment of your life? Ari (sitting beside me, watching me type): When I became a rap sensation! (laughing) No, I’m joking, I’m joking. (still laughing) On my tenth birthday when […]

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