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by Christina Ledbetter

Archive for October 2020

Past and Present

The fight or flight rang the buzzer to my brain on January 3, 2019. He stood on the street awaiting my reply, knowing my address by heart. Who’s this? I asked. Remember me, your old friend? The one you first met so many years ago and kept around for – what was it, one hundred weeks? three hundred weeks? – much longer than whatever any good therapist would recommend, no […]

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My Voice is Coming Back

It’s time to start writing again. For months, my brain was so trenched in despair that words proved a waste of the sparse reserves I had left. When panic attacks hit out of nowhere, I gasped and went mute. “Honey, what do you need?” Benson would beg. My response? Closed mouth. Balled up body. Shakes galore. In those first few weeks last fall he’d carry my tense frame to the […]

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