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Banging Out Plans

Two weeks ago I watch a movie on Netflix and one of the ladies has curly-ish hair with bangs. I think of little other than this lady and her bangs for 24 hours. The next day I open the movie on my phone, pause it over her image and pull my scissors out of the bathroom drawer. Ta-da! I feel just like the lady in the movie now, except I […]

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Jumping Rope and Skipping Town

Bumpy few days for no single reason I can put my finger on. Right out of the blue yesterday a span of four hours in which the sole purpose was to avoid a panic attack. Strategy numero uno: Physcially shoo it away. Away with you! I metaphorically shout, reaching for a dumbbell. I am just like the motivational posters. I stop for nothing. ‘Til I do. As soon as I lift the […]

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Bringing in the Weather

Back to writing. I’ll start with the animals… My favorite thing my animals do is bring in the weather. In June Funzer, my obese brown tabby, lumbers in from the front porch into the living room and when I rub his side it feels as if he’s just emerged from an oven, carrying the full heat of the sun across his stripes. He spent his first year in this cottage […]

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