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Five Hens, Three Horses, One Pool

My neighbors are in the process of procuring five chickens. I’m so nervous my beloved red tabby, Queso, is going to venture over and “befriend” said hens. I’ve good reason to worry. The last time this family had a bird in their care, the thing followed me home from a neighborly visit and attacked me on my own property. Now, it wasn’t a chicken, rather a sorta cross-eyed, mostly featherless […]

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This weekend I watched a YouTube video starring this couple who travels the globe and laughs while they eat curry, and then they swim with sharks and talk about how it changed their life. I stared at the screen from my yellow chair in my tiny cottage, and people, I got inspired. But not in the way you might be thinking. See, fans wrote in and asked the adventurous couple […]

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