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Brain Cells

I’ve a tidbit for you. Having just returned from a hike with neighbors, I learned something about the ribs. See, on said hike we discussed various ailments, and it turns out, my pal Jonathan pulled or tweaked–somethinged his rib. Elevated it. That’s what he called it. Anyway, he started describing where it hurt, and I am here to tell you people that I obviously had no idea where ribs begin. […]

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Deal Breakers

The original plan was to pack up and head to Mexico for a week. We opened the calendar, searched plane tickets and got excited. Next we checked with the budget. And I don’t know who that budget thinks it is, but it got sassy with us, claiming this was simply not the time to skip the country and enjoy private poolside cocktails and fresh guacamole. The nerve. Benson suggested an […]

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