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Bachelorette Party Guy

As I was headed out to a bachelorette party last week, Benson jokingly told me to enjoy the stripper. We laughed and I told him how I so don’t understand the idea of male strippers. And that’s when Benson and I came up with an idea that’s going to make us millions. The Bachelorette Party Guy! (Because he knows what women want, and it’s not to have penises flung in […]

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The Cussword

When I was five, my older brother Chad developed a scheme. It involved me, an imaginary cussword, and a verbal slavery contract. Before I go into detail, I need you to know that my brother grew up to be a normally functioning human (a LOUDLY functioning human, but functioning nonetheless) and even frowns upon modern-day slavery, unlike his 9-year-old self. He has four kids and a wife and a job […]

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