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At our gym they did this thing where they made us do these four lifts twice a week for months on end. Back Squats: Dead Lifts:   Shoulder Press: Bench Press: After, like, 55 weeks of this business, they set aside a couple of days for us to test our new strength. (I needed no test to prove to myself that I wasn’t any stronger, but I went anyway.) Here’s the verdict: Back […]

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The Cat and the Pig

The Cat Harold has AIDS. That means he might live for another couple of years or he might die next Thursday. I thought it was going to happen last week. He was acting super cuddly. This is it, I thought. He’s saying goodbye. I scooped him into my lap and he pushed his face against my palm. I whispered to him that it was okay, he could go, like I’ve […]

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