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Last night in CrossFit, this happened: We were doing this weightlifting move the coaches call “snatch” and I call “Am I in a Prison Camp?” During the warm-up, the coach told us to pop the weight over our heads to practice. So everyone popped their weight-clad barbells above their heads… Except me. My barbell was like, “No, I’m actually cool here at your sternum. Not going any higher, thank you,” and I […]

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The Dog Food Diaries…

I hoisted Cowboy into my car last Friday for a trip to the vet. Poor guy was too weak to jump into the backseat by himself due to 24 hours of explosive poo coming out of his butt. Once there, the vet asked me what I feed him. “Iams,” I answered. “Which one?” she probed. “The one that’s right before the one where you’re about to die. Like the retirement age […]

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This is What Happens When You Cancel Glamour Magazine

You want to know what happens when you cancel your Glamour Magazine subscription after nine years? You get this in the mail:   Marketers assume you are now 56 years old and only shop at Chico’s. They even sent me sample articles: Listen people, I know I’m (well, I hope I’m) going to be old one day and prefer wearing pants with elastic waistbands (okay, I prefer those now) and sipping […]

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The Caroler

I have a Filipino brother-in-law, Robert. He’s short and funny and bald and on my first Christmas with Benson’s family I mistook the Filipino brother-in-law for my fiancé and wrapped my arms passionately around his shoulders from behind. After what happened this year though, I think we’re even… It started on December 24th. I awoke with a pesky wheeze in my lung. “My chest! My chest hurts!” I huffed to Benson. […]

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