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The Dog Food Diaries…

I hoisted Cowboy into my car last Friday for a trip to the vet. Poor guy was too weak to jump into the backseat by himself due to 24 hours of explosive poo coming out of his butt. Once there, the vet asked me what I feed him.

“Iams,” I answered.

“Which one?” she probed.

“The one that’s right before the one where you’re about to die. Like the retirement age one. The 7-10 years one.”

“Got it,” she said, and made a note in the computer.

If you’ve not shopped for dog food lately, you’ve missed out on a recent trend. Instead of just regular old dog food, now you buy dog food for whatever stage of life your dog is in, and as you make your way further and further down the aisle, Iams is there to remind you that your dog won’t be living forever.

Dog Food Aisle

For the record, Cowboy is on the purple bag. And he’s now explosive-poo-free. And he is never, ever going to die…

Dog Food Dog


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  1. Cowboy is cute! He better not die! But I like your picture of the dog food, especially “Dog’s Last Meal” and “Free with any Purchase.”

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