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Pears and Cats and First Place

First off, here’s a handy appetizer dish you can bring to a party to ensure everyone will dote on you and claim that you’re clever, and you can be all, “This ole thing? Oh, just an easy recipe! Ha la la!” 1. Chop a pear into thin slices. 2. Smear a glob of spreadable goat cheese or boursin cheese on the pear. 3. Stick an arugula leaf on top of […]

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Four Things

1. We had some landscaping done on the back forty. Before, our property consisted of a nice doo doo pit. Even Cowboy refused to walk on because he was too grossed out by it and would make us walk him down to our neighbors’ grass to poop each night. (Thanks Matt and Sarah! Owe ya one!) Now we have a lovely rock pit that Cowboy is still hesitant about, hence […]

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