Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter

Four Things

1. We had some landscaping done on the back forty.

Before, our property consisted of a nice doo doo pit. Even Cowboy refused to walk on because he was too grossed out by it and would make us walk him down to our neighbors’ grass to poop each night. (Thanks Matt and Sarah! Owe ya one!)

Perfect place for a fall picnic!

Perfect place for a fall picnic!

Now we have a lovely rock pit that Cowboy is still hesitant about, hence our continued nightly treks to our neighbors’ grass, poop bags in hand.

yard after

2. I’m currently trying to decide if black pants that have a dressy material but are still as tight as leggings warrant the same fashion rules as leggings. AKA, I’m trying to decide if I’ll look like an office hooker if I wear my new black pants to work with an untucked dress shirt. Thoughts welcome.

3. I’m sick. I’ve been juicing celery and whatnot with hopes of healing myself and then writing a big post about how vegetables are the cure for cancer and Ebola, but so far I’m still sick, only with more kale in my system.

4. Benson and I went to a Texas wine festival last weekend. Turns out, there’s a reason why everybody sticks with California wines.

Texas Wine

5. We also went to Ross Dress for Less the other night. It started at dinner when I got to thinking about buying some new workout clothes. I casually asked if we could go to Ross afterward, knowing this is Benson’s least favorite place next to Chickasha, Oklahoma (which, I’m sorry if you’re from there, but it’s just bad). Benson’s face kind of fell when I asked if we could go, to which I hurried in with “no it’s okay, we don’t have to. I’ll go another time.”

“Thank you, hon,” he said, grateful to bypass half an hour in Ross.

But on the way home, he pulled into Ross Dress for Less because he is a very kind husband.

I ended up buying a sweatshirt.

Benson bought all this:


I’d say I’m not the only Ross-lover in this household.

Okay five things.

5. I’ve been asked to do a hair post, but I’m afraid that will scare off my two male readers (Hi Jason and Todd!). Comments welcome on whether or not a hair post would be like slitting my blog’s wrists.


Happy Wednesday, people.



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  1. Yes, hair post! The male readers already read about Ross, they can handle one more!

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