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by Christina Ledbetter

This and That


India: 459, Ledbetters: 3 But oh how sweet those three points are! Last week felt like drowning. Before I put last week into words though, I need some distance between me and those soul-punching days which kept me trying to come up for air in a crowded, dirty, noisy country. For now, I want to focus on what happened over the weekend, because even though we didn’t deserve it, the […]

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The Sort of Kidnapping, Part II

“Very nice sights,” Driver said again. Then he said about twenty-five other words with such a thick accent we couldn’t understand. He pointed to various spots on a map he’d unfolded. “I drive round, show.” Benson looked over at me. “You wanna drive around for a little bit?” I was still so shaken from crossing the street I just said, “Okay.” Benson nodded to Driver. “Okay, we’ll drive around for […]

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The Sort of Kidnapping, Part I

I guess this is what we get for that one time we kidnapped those children in Florida. We had one goal: Buy groceries. In Mumbai, India. I had already located a food store online. Eventually, I’d love to feel all hip purchasing my mangoes in an open air market where I have to haggle down the rupees prices, but it was only day 2. We needed easy. We hired a […]

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The Big News

I got some big ol’ news, folks. The Ledbetters are packing up and shipping out to… Are you ready? India. We’re moving to India for a year. Now please excuse me while I go laugh/cry/whoop/pray/call my cousin and hyperventilate/do a happy dance. Because that’s what I’ve been doing for the past month as this news has sunk in. This whole thing started when Benson came home one day and told […]

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That’s a Rap

Benson has the flu. The real flu. Not the fake crap some people get and claim it’s the flu. He’s currently laid up in bed with a crazy fever and our brown tabby, Funzer, curled up next to him. Speaking of things that are painful… When I was ten years old, my fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Black, announced to the class that we would be celebrating Grandparents’ Day. Family would be […]

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Specifics (of Why I Went Crazy and All)

There’s this guy named Jesse who cuts the grass at the steel shop down the street from my house. He always shouts good morning and then very deliberately looks Cowboy and Chief in the eyes and says, “And good morning to your dogs!” Earlier today as I approached the shop, Jesse waved a folded-up packet of papers over his head. When I got close enough, he left his mower and […]

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You Can Buy My Book in Paperback

Remember when I wrote a book and the site selling it went kaput and it was really embarrassing and terrible and I felt like I’d wasted two years of my life working on a project that I couldn’t figure out how to get to the masses? Well, do I have some news for you! But first, let me say that this may be one of those posts where three weeks […]

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