Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


God never ceased to bless me—even in the inkiest black of days I received manna—but lately, He’s been lavish.

Sometimes I’m hesitant to write of all the wonderful things because I fear making those with less feel less.

But I also know I felt slivers (slivers) of hope when I read of others’ rescues: Joseph’s release from prison, David’s grief turned to joy, Christ’s rise.

With that, lately, so much more than manna…

We traded our neighbors a homemade apple pie for an old fishing boat.

We’re now your friends with a boat

It snowed!

Queso and I thoroughly enjoying said snow day

I prayed for friends and God provided four little boys next door who spend their evenings on our trampoline and bring me treasures – a green coin, a cardboard bird house, a pair of socks.

I spent a year reading the book of Luke and it reconnected me to a Jesus who had felt distant. Once finished, I realized new crevices of my brain were perking up (having seemed nonexistent for sixteen months) and I’ve crept back into a structured Bible study. (Erase from your mind images of me in a circle of women and replace it with me at my kitchen counter, taking two days or even three to churn through what used to take me one.) I read about God changing the hearts of kings and it reminds me of His power. I’m excited.

We hauled out dead trees and yanked down briars. God reminded me that He wore a crown of thorns for me.

I’m still not my old self. Beats me if I’ll ever be. But as King Solomon dedicated the newly constructed temple to the God of Israel, the people of Judah gave thanks, faces to the pavement. Thousands of years separate us, but I proclaim with them: “For He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever.”

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