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Benson got tagged in the ice bucket challenge. We didn’t realize it was for ALS. (He was tagged early on, before it became like the biggest news story since Jesus, and the dude who tagged him wasn’t clear, so there you go.) So instead of donating to an ALS charity, Benson bought two goats and a mosquito net for some children in Rwanda. Today, we received a thank-you letter from […]

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The coaches at my CultFit gym wanted us to submit ideas for new t-shirts. Here’s what I came up with: Speaking of my gym, I won a medal! One of the coaches basically said I was his favorite athlete (I think it’s hilarious when they call us athletes) in the whole gym. So now I make sure to sign up for his classes so that I can lord it over […]

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Other Marriage Stuff

Round two, folks! Since my last post, Benson and I have acquired a roommate. Our roommate is a man. So, while I won’t Facebook message or drink a shot of tequila with another man, apparently I’m totally cool with living with one. (But if that dude walks in the kitchen while I’m eating my oatmeal you better believe I’ll let him HAVE IT.) (Just kidding, Paul! Hope you enjoy your […]

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Keeping Pesky Affairs at Bay

Sometimes while Benson and I are galloping through fields of peonies and breaking only to French kiss, people have commented that we have a good marriage. It’s true. And it’s not by chance. For one, Benson is extremely kind and doesn’t get upset near as often as I do (which cuts down fights by a solid 50%). Also, a lot of marriage books, secular or not, will tell you that […]

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