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by Christina Ledbetter


Benson got tagged in the ice bucket challenge.

We didn’t realize it was for ALS. (He was tagged early on, before it became like the biggest news story since Jesus, and the dude who tagged him wasn’t clear, so there you go.)

So instead of donating to an ALS charity, Benson bought two goats and a mosquito net for some children in Rwanda.

Today, we received a thank-you letter from a child who received one of the goats:

“…It was a really surprise when they gave me a goat that you sent to me when you didn’t even know my names.

I am called Maneza…You have become my best friend.”


And suddenly the color I paint my kitchen cabinets isn’t so important anymore.

(Though I’m still excited about having my kitchen cabinets painted and will likely blog about it in the next few weeks.)

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3 replies

  1. Ha, I’m doing the same thing. Any time someone asks me to donate to a “charity of my choice,” I buy chickens, goats, or even a calf for Project Heifer. I’ve never gotten a letter from the recipient though.

    • This was our first letter too 🙂 It’s through Africa New Life (think I told you about them before). PS – glad you’re still going to comment here even though you’re ditching Facebook!

      On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 4:53 PM, Stuff I Talk About wrote:


  2. Aww! Sweet letter!

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