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by Christina Ledbetter


The coaches at my CultFit gym wanted us to submit ideas for new t-shirts. Here’s what I came up with:

tshirtSpeaking of my gym, I won a medal! One of the coaches basically said I was his favorite athlete (I think it’s hilarious when they call us athletes) in the whole gym. So now I make sure to sign up for his classes so that I can lord it over the people that I am a coach’s favorite and BACK OFF!

Gym Award

Receiving my award

Benson got a medal, too, because he always finishes first and then goes back and runs along with the folks in last place and encourages us not to die.

Okay folks – wait a minute – why does my font look different? – have a happy Tuesday. I’m off to print my new t-shirts.

Secret Note: Iron Oak did not ask me to write about them. In fact, they’d prefer I didn’t because they never can tell if I love them or am plotting their demise – woo HA HA HA! (For the record, I am plotting to take them down (after I hit a PR on my front squat)).


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