Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter



Got ourselves a three-parter, folks! Part 1: The Mess on the Streets A few weeks ago, as my pal Annie and my dog Cowboy and I were out on a walk on the Nicholson Hike and Bike Trail, this lady stops us and starts gushing over Cowboy. And I’m all beaming. And she’s all, “Oh, youah dog looks just like Wot-ah-mess!” Huh? Neither Annie or I could understand her thick […]

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Pears and Cats and First Place

First off, here’s a handy appetizer dish you can bring to a party to ensure everyone will dote on you and claim that you’re clever, and you can be all, “This ole thing? Oh, just an easy recipe! Ha la la!” 1. Chop a pear into thin slices. 2. Smear a glob of spreadable goat cheese or boursin cheese on the pear. 3. Stick an arugula leaf on top of […]

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The coaches at my CultFit gym wanted us to submit ideas for new t-shirts. Here’s what I came up with: Speaking of my gym, I won a medal! One of the coaches basically said I was his favorite athlete (I think it’s hilarious when they call us athletes) in the whole gym. So now I make sure to sign up for his classes so that I can lord it over […]

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Born to be (Fraudulently) Wild

A few years ago Benson and I had an idea. What if we got rid of one of our vehicles and bought a scooter? We’d be a one car family in the city. The only thing hipper would be moving to Harlem and beatboxing in the streets on weekends, I swear. (I cannot tell you the amount of things I’ve/we’ve decided to do solely because they seemed hip: joining a produce […]

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I have this thing I do. It’s totally creepy… Since I was, I don’t know, three, it’s taken me about an hour and a half to fall asleep at night. Once when I was five I actually counted to two hundred my head, then slipped out of bed to my parents’ room and woke them up to share the good news. “I just counted to two hundred!” I whispered. But two years ago, this […]

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The Stages of Cutting Out Sugar and Gluten and Happiness and Corn and Alcohol From My Diet for 45 Days

And the sad part is…I paid twenty bucks to enter this thing, y’all… Day 1: Self-Righteousness I put a sappy post on Facebook about how the children in Rwanda would LOVE to eat a banana and raw almonds for breakfast, so you all better stop complaining, you hear!? Seventy-three likes on my post. Self-righteous feelings swell. I will cut out sugar and gluten and corn and alcohol and red dye […]

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