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by Christina Ledbetter

Hotel Ledbetter

My fancy lady interior designer finished my bedroom. It now resembles a swanky hotel room that someone decorated just for me. Before we view the finished product, let’s take a gander at my decorating skills prior to hiring a professional.

Here, we have a nice beige/brown/pale yellow/more brown/more beige motif. Oh, and then I threw in a hot pink pillow. “We need something that ‘pops’, right?” I said to Benson. “I think I’ve heard folks say you need a pop.”

Bedroom Before 1

Bedroom Before 2

And then my fancy lady interior designer swooped in and created THIS bad boy – Ta DAH!

Bedroom After 1

Bedroom After 2

I’m in love. I may start hosting dinner parties in here. “Don’t even mind the kitchen,” I’ll tell guests. “We’ve moved the fridge to the master suite.”

(Note: There’s another part of the bedroom with built-in bookshelves. Alas, I ran out of my decorating money before I could put stuff on the shelves, so we’re just going to focus on this part of the bedroom and pretend the shelves aren’t there. Or if someone mentions my bare shelves at the dinner party, I’ll slap them and tell them I was being a good steward of my loot and to shut their trap.)

Other updates on my fascinating life:

Benson’s brother Steven, and his wife Diana visited us from their farm in Alabama last week. Seriously, they have a real live farm, with like, sheep and cows. We made sure to let them sleep late since back home they’d be feeding roosters by five AM.

Here is a picture of my sister-in-law and me. One of us is beautiful and kind and humble. The other one is a camera hog.

Sister in laws

Here are Benson and his brother showing family pride in their matching hairstyles.


Finally, you’ll never guess who I saw sauntering out of the family restroom at the Galleria mall last weekend. I was waiting on the fam to come out of the normal restrooms when I see the family restroom door open. And out walks someone very interesting. So I take a picture. One by one as Benson and Steven and Diana come out of the restroom I tell them to guess who I just saw. Benson and his brother gave up quick. But my sis-in-law? Her FIRST guess was correct! I suppose running a farm (and having like five degrees and an MBA) has its perks.

Give up? The Easter Bunny. I saw the Easter Bunny come out of the family restroom.

Easter BunnyOff to plan my dinner party. Happy weekend, folks!

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4 replies

  1. nice to see those cowhides put to use

  2. Bedroom looks great! Where’d you find the lamps?

  3. OMG….did benson kill the easter bunny to make that rug

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