Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


I finally finished my taxes (and by “finished my taxes” I mean I finally finished scanning all of my documents and adding up all my expenses to send to a CPA who is actually going to finish my taxes) and I feel like a new woman.

Or like, a lioness.

In order for me to continue on with any acts of usefulness on this earth, I had to drum up some praises for my feat.

Taxes edit

My next act of usefulness was writing this blog though, so I can understand why some may question my taking up of space here in the universe.

I’m still working with my fancy lady interior designer. Whenever I buy a piece of furniture, I send my mom a picture. Then my mom writes back and tells me that she has something similar from a thrift store in Florida, but she only paid like seven dollars for hers.

Today I texted her a picture of a totally hip dresser I bought.


At first, we squabbled about whether or not what I bought is called a dresser, and then she texted me a picture of her own similar dresser.

Dresser Talk

Then she called me and told me I was being a smart-ass.

And I didn’t disagree.

And I’m still thankful to have a kooky mom who likes to talk about furniture finds with me.

Maybe next year I can turn the dresser into a tax write-off.

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