Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


The Escape

Whenever anyone wants to tell someone else about something horrible they saw on TV, it always starts with, “I was flipping through the channels…” But when someone wants to talk about something intelligent or super witty they saw on TV, it begins with, “I was watching…” It’s like, “I was just flipping through the channels and I saw this show about girls showing their boobs to strangers…” Oh you’re just […]

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Benson Still Doesn’t Love the Cat

In case you were wondering if Benson loves the cat yet, he doesn’t, okay? Here, Benson doesn’t love the cat after he calls, “Haaaarold! Haaaaarold! I want you to sleep with meee!” throughout the house until he finds him and pulls him into bed with us and shares his pillow with him: Below, Benson doesn’t love Harold as he watches The Voice while stroking Harold*: Here, Benson doesn’t love Harold […]

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The Worst Way to Die

This morning while I was walking Cowboy, he stopped to pee in someone’s front yard. I stood there waiting on him for a moment, then looked down to see that he was peeing on an ant bed. “Hurry up!” I scolded, pulling on his leash and not wanting ants to crawl onto him. He peed a few seconds more, then skipped along. And then I realized, oh my gosh, those ants are […]

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Benson Doesn’t Love the Cat

I often say to Benson, “Don’t you love our cat?!” to which he always replies, “I like Harold, I don’t love Harold.” Below, I have compiled some pictures of Benson not loving Harold… Here, Benson doesn’t love Harold while he pulls him close and plays the piano for him: This picture depicts Benson not loving Harold while laying on the floor just to be near him after a hard day at […]

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My cat threw up this morning about ninety seconds after he’d finished breakfast. I found it as I was stepping out onto my balcony (balcony makes it sound like I live in a mansion on the sea; I don’t) to water my dying bougainvilleas. There it was, looking like I’d dumped a fresh can of Friskies’ Ocean Treasures directly onto my hardwoods. I stared down at it for a second, […]

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