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Benson Still Doesn’t Love the Cat

In case you were wondering if Benson loves the cat yet, he doesn’t, okay?

Here, Benson doesn’t love the cat after he calls, “Haaaarold! Haaaaarold! I want you to sleep with meee!” throughout the house until he finds him and pulls him into bed with us and shares his pillow with him:

Doesn't Love the cat in bed

Below, Benson doesn’t love Harold as he watches The Voice while stroking Harold*:

Doesn't Love the cat while watching the voice

Here, Benson doesn’t love Harold when he comes home from CrossFit and scoops Harold up and pretends Harold is talking to him, saying, “How was your workout?” in a cat voice:

Doens't love the cat after crossfit

Benson also doesn’t love Harold when he cuddles him close while playing the ukulele for him:

Doesn't love the cat while playing the ukulele

In summary, Benson still does not love the cat. Like, at all.

*Note: It would appear from this blog that Benson spends around seven hours a day on the couch. He doesn’t. At most, Benson spends two hours per week on the couch, but it just so happens that Harold spends twenty hours a day on the couch, so the hours end up overlapping quite a bit. In case any of you wanted to admit Benson into a fitness camp, you can withdraw the submission form.

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