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Would Y’all Help Me Pitch an Idea to My Boss’ Boss’ Boss?

I have this idea for work that I wanted to run by you all. Here’s the thing. A lot of you know that I write a blog for a branch of a big mortgage company. But it’s a funny blog and they let me make fun of my co-workers and rarely do I have to even mention mortgages. It’s the most fun job, really.

But I have a bigger idea I want to pitch at the mortgage company, and I’d like your input. Yesterday, as the entire universe knows, I got to be a clothes model on Great Day Houston. While milling around the greenroom…

Sneaky picture. No clue who that man is.

Sneaky picture. No clue who that man is.

and snooping in the hair and makeup area

After I took this picture the guy told me to go into the other room.

After I took this picture the guy on the right told me to go into the other room.

and watching the host of the show interview guests on the set, I discovered another facet to my hopes and dreams of becoming wildly famous.

Great Day Boss

And here it is: I love writing. But I also love talking to people and trying to make folks laugh (often this fails miserably). And while I watched the host of Great Day Houston banter with Natalie and the next guest (a woman with unordinary large knockers), I thought to myself…I could do that! I could interview a lady with large knockers and make everybody laugh!

Since I find the chances dismal of someone reading this blog and offering me my own talk show (shocking, I know), I’ve been chewing on all these little tidbits floating around in my brain and I’ve landed on this:

What if…

We ended poverty?

Actually, though that would be the bomb, that’s not my idea.

What if…

I arranged a talk show set in the corporate office of the mortgage company and interviewed people who work there in a really funny way? My first question to each loan officer would be “Who was your worst client ever?” and then we’d talk about horrible clients. And then I’d assure my viewers that none of them are horrible. My viewers would be awesome clients.

Here’s what I’m envisioning:

Late Show With Just the Assistant

But I’d give my guests tips, like, if your worst client was a woman named Linda, change her to a man and say his name was Larry and nobody’ll ever know the difference. And I’d also ask them other stuff but NOT boring stuff. I wouldn’t even let them talk about mortgages. Or if they did, I’d pretend to throw up. And then I’d go, “That’s so lame, man. Let’s talk about your most embarrassing moment at the office,” or something like that. Or I’d let them say maybe one or two boring sentences, but I’d give the camera this look, like, Here we go.

Then, we’d put all these videos on an Envoy Mortgage YouTube channel, and then when I interview people, those people would share the video on their Facebook and the like and people will watch it because it’ll be entertaining, and THEN all their friends will know who to come to when they need a home loan!


I’ll also interview support staff and I’ll ask them to tell me company secrets:

Late Show With Just the Assistant - Support

(I know I’m totally sexist since I made the support staff a girl.)

And then the mortgage company would pay me for making them famous. They’ll be like, “People thought we were kind of lame before, but now they love us!” And I’ll be like, “Yeah, I know.”

Okay, folks, would you give me your feedback? Seriously, do you think it’s worth pitching? If enough of you think it’s a good plan, I might send this blog post to the head of marketing for the company and I’ll be like, “Look at the comments section – folks love it!” (But I’ll delete that sentence before sending it, obvi.)

Finally, if you don’t think it’s worth a shot, will you please give me my own talk show?

Happy weekend, folks!

Great Day Future Host

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  1. Maybe you could find an old Merv Griffin Set someone was throwing out and you could do an old Seinfeld episode!

  2. You have my full support! And I’m going to tweet Oprah about it too!

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