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by Christina Ledbetter

The Preacher and The Plan

The Preacher

I married a preacher man! Not really, but Benson did teach at church back in August and I took a poll from the whole universe and everybody agreed that it was the best sermon ever preached since Jesus’ time.

Here’s the link!

The Plan

I went to Petsmart last week just to pet the adoptable cats. I spent so long in the store that a lady asked if I worked there. I cut my eyes over at her while I stroked a black and white domestic shorthair named Santa and said nothing.

Speaking of, I’ve come up with a 3-part plan to employ while walking through The Odd Place:

  1. Start each day with thanksgiving. My typical first thoughts upon waking revolve around food. I think about my oatmeal waiting for me downstairs. I call out to it. “I’m coming soon, oatmeal!” my heart cries as I splash my face and greet the dogs good morning. But these days, instead of devoting every pre-breakfast thought to my beloved grains and chia seeds, I switch to thanking God. Thank you that I woke up! Thank you for this house! Thank you for the blessed oatmeal.
  2. Be active every day. If it’s a 20-minute walk, great. If it’s a (one-armed) workout in the garage with Benson, perf. If it’s lying on the couch with a box of crackers in my lap and slowly caressing a picture of my dear cat Harold . . . wait, no that doesn’t count.
  3. Churn out one blog post per week. (Apologies in advance if they’re sort of downers.)
  4. Decorate for Christmas. Just kidding. Well, we did decorate for Christmas, but that’s not part of my plan.

There are other things I’m going to make a priority, but they aren’t the sort of things I should be putting on a checklist. I still need to remain oh-so-tethered to God’s Word, but as soon as I lump “read Bible” into the same category as “do some push-ups,” I’m in trouble. And it’s a good idea to eat healthy, but ain’t no way I’m turning my eating habits into rules because I’ve tried that once before and just about had a nervous breakdown over how many micronutrients a leaf of swiss chard contains.

I’m not counting on this plan to catapult me out of my gloom, but I am counting on it to help keep me sane while I’m passing through. Like the time my cousin Brad chugged some vodka in the parking lot outside the church before my wedding. It wasn’t going to get him out of sitting through the ceremony, but it made listening to our vows more bearable.

Okay kids, you go listen to Uncle Benson’s sermon (our neighbors call him that since he’s so responsible and I think it’s hilarious), I’m gonna go thank God left and right and up and down, and we’ll meet back next week.

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4 replies

  1. When/where donwe buy your book?

  2. Love you cuz! Thinking of you and praying for you (right now). The funk sucks. I hate it. You’re gonna kick its butt because Jesus is for you, k? K. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. We finally (sort of) made it in a post!!!! *screams and celebrates by throwing hands in the air*

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