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This Thing I’m Doing, Part II

Last year I told y’all I was going to stop coloring my hair and let it do its thing. Since I’ve started posting videos though, a lot of people three people have asked if I’m still doing that.

I am! And I don’t know why, buy my grays aren’t showing up on the videos. I’m not using any fancy filters (I wouldn’t even know how to use those), and I actually wish they’d show up more because then I could be even bossier than I already am and  just blame it on being old.

In order to:

a) let y’all know the progress of the gray hair journey and

b) ensure I’m never gainfully employed again for the rest of my life . . .

I took some update pictures!

(Here are the shots a potential employer would provide superiors to prove they shouldn’t hire me – “Found this on her blog. She posted this to the Internet. Can we trust her judgment? I think not.” Then they’d shred my resume.)



And here’s why it will take 75 years for my old highlights to fully grow out:

It’s just like driving a car. Straight hair travels from point A to point B in a straight line. Oh look, a direct path – let’s go this way!

My hair, however, spins in circles for years on end, and eventually, likely on the day I’ll die, it’ll get long enough that I can cut off all the old highlights and not resemble my fifth-grade self (the one who thought it’d be a good idea to cut my hair super short. My best friend stopped in the hallway when she saw me and put her hand over her mouth).

Speaking of gray hair, Benson and I have a new roommate whom we adore. She doesn’t have gray hair, but her cat does! He and I are on the gray hair adventure together.

His name is Winston, but Benson and I call him Boom Ba-Ba because he’s so fat.

If you’re on a gray hair journey of your own, or if you have a cat with gray hair, or you just like cats, or you have hair, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I have hair! 😂 I am on a gray hair journey too. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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