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Last Place

I said I wasn’t turning this into a Cultfit Crossfit blog, but hang with me for two paragraphs. So we’ve been doing Cultfit for two and a half weeks now, and for the past three days the coaches have wanted us to figure out our “max” on certain lifts. Like, what’s the all out highest amount of weight I can lift one time for a particular move. I have gathered two bits of information from this little test:

  1. I can lift approximately 60% of what other girls can lift.
  2. When you can only lift 60% of what other girls lift, everybody cheers loudly for you since they feel all sorry for you. (This also holds true for finishing timed workouts in last place – last place means everybody who finished not in last place screams “GO [your name here]!”) Somebody’s got to talk to these people, because I’m not going to be very motivated to get stronger if they’re going to cheer for me so much. Maybe they should do a thing where if you come in last they beat you up? Like when people join gangs or something. Until that happens, I’m thinking about lifting even less weight next week to see what else I can squeeze out of these kooks.

Speaking of attention, I’m still reading my church lady book about where I should be finding my identity (which is a good thing because based on my mosey-along pace and general weak muscled-ness, I can confidently proclaim that I won’t be finding my identity at CultFit). I also went on that women’s retreat I mentioned. Here’s a picture of me and my two sweet girlfriends when we drove off campus between sessions and found a wine booth. (Kidding!)

Round Top Happy

(Okay not really kidding.)

Alright folks, you all have a great week and I’m off to find my identity in Christ (while atrophying in bed in hopes of racking up some more sympathy praises in class next week).


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  1. Love it! I totally agree… that’s why I don’t always mind coming in last either… 😉


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