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by Christina Ledbetter

Feeling the Love

On Saturday I opened my home to thirty precious ladies who all had a common purpose: to mingle, eat cake, rub our pregnant friend’s belly, and then watch her unwrap diapers and onesies. After we’d done all that, we paused to lift up this baby and mother to the Lord. Girl’s gonna need some patience over the next eighteen years and there’s only one place to get it.

Before we began the prayer, the expecting mom’s own mother opened her bible and read aloud out of Isaiah. The scripture linked our need for the Father to the need of a baby to its momma, and then tied the whole thing to the love of the Father and don’t you know we all just felt so stinkin’ loved by then. (I realize it would be helpful if I remembered the verses. Sorry, folks.) But still, the love – are you kidding me?

One particular baby shower attendant felt especially loved throughout the whole devotion: Cowboy Ledbetter…


As the mother read from the Word, as she poured out her wisdom and we listened intently and strained to soak it all up from this Godly woman, Cowboy Ledbetter had other things on his mind.

Firstly, the fact that we were sitting in a circle…

A circle! Look! A circle of humans who love me! Better get right in the middle!”

Round up

But then something else caught Cowboy’s attention…

CB Smells Cake

A lonely piece of baby shower cake, innocently left on the floor by a lady who must have a better behaved dog than me.

Cowboy eyed me, then eyed the cake, then eyed me again, waiting for the usual, “Nooo, Cowboy.” Then, we had a conversation that took place silently, as by this point, the mother of the soon-to-be mother was tearing up with emotion as she spoke of how much she loved her daughter and how much God loves us.

Cowboy (with the cock of his head): Wait, she’s not telling me no?

Me (with the glaring of my eyes but still trying to look calm and loving): I’m telling you no, Cowboy.

Cowboy (with the stretch of his neck): Maybe just a closer sniff…Or a lick. At MOST a lick…

Cowboy then laid down and faked a stretch. A stretch that conveniently put him four inches from the cake plate.

Getting Closer

My pregnant friend realized what was going on, and somehow magically balanced an expression of being very touched by what her mother was saying, and very happy at what Cowboy was about to do as she cut her eyes at me.

Me (again with the eyes and a half-hearted shot at telepathy): Get out of the circle, Cowboy. Go to the kitchen. You’re ruining the moment!

Cowboy: She’s not telling me no!

And with that, Cowboy Ledbetter smacked and chewed and slobbered and experienced the best seven seconds of his life…

So while all of us learned a bit more about the depth of God’s love for us this weekend, I think some felt it more than others…

He Eats

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  1. What can you say after all Cowboy is a Ledbetter and he figures food is made to eat 🙂

  2. You are the BEST! Love you so much!!! (And love Cowboy too 🙂 )


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