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by Christina Ledbetter


Got ourselves a three-parter, folks!

Part 1: The Mess on the Streets

A few weeks ago, as my pal Annie and my dog Cowboy and I were out on a walk on the Nicholson Hike and Bike Trail, this lady stops us and starts gushing over Cowboy.

And I’m all beaming.

And she’s all, “Oh, youah dog looks just like Wot-ah-mess!” Huh? Neither Annie or I could understand her thick accent. British? Australian?

“Youah dog – don’t you know the children’s books? Wotahmess?”

“No, we don’t have that,” I said, smiling, thinking she must have been referring to a children’s book about an insanely handsome shaggy dog.

As we walked on, Annie asked, “What was she saying?”

“She was saying ‘Water Mess’ – a lot of people think Cowboy is a Portuguese water dog, so that kids’ book must be about one of those,” I said knowingly to my poor, uneducated friend. We walked on.

And then I got home and looked it up.

There is no “Water Mess” dog.

There is, however, this:

Lady, I will cut you.

She said Cowboy looked JUST LIKE this dog.

This dog has GARBAGE instead of FUR.

I don’t think so.

Lady, I will cut you.

Lady, I will cut you.


Part 2: The Mess in My Head

Last week my pal Natalie (she’s the one who let me be on TV and is behind my extreme famousness (the TV part is true; the famousness part hasn’t totally worked out just yet)) was telling me about waking up at three in the morning with her six-month-old and thinking, “I’m thankful I don’t have to work tomorrow afternoon and I can take a nap when the baby does.” Then she stopped herself, saying something along the lines of, “I need to be thankful NOW, because I’m not promised to even wake up tomorrow.” And in that moment, she chose to give thanks for the baby in her arms, and not the fact that she might be able to sleep later that day.

As she spoke I kind of sat there with my mouth hanging open. Y’all, my WHOLE LIFE is wrapped up in looking forward to the next thing, to being thankful for what I hope is to come. The other day in the gym, as my friend Chantal and I were about to do, like, one thousand wall balls and were trying to talk ourselves out of crying and going home, I go, “We’re going to Heaven when we die.” So I’m talking, I look way ahead to give thanks.

Currently, Benson and I are in the thick of preparing to lead a marriage retreat, and our recent weekends have consisted of sitting at our kitchen table, marriage books and bibles and laptops open with piles of paper littering the floor around us. (Well, Benson’s papers are actually bound with handy little clips; mine resemble what would happen if you blew up a paper factory.) And so lately, I’ve been thinking that I’ll be thankful when we can have our regularly scheduled weekends back.

But then Natalie had to go and blow my whole mindset, and I’m left with remembering that I’m not promised to even live through this marriage retreat, much less enjoy the weekends that follow.

And since I’m still called to give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18 – holla!), I must give thanks NOW.

And so…I cut my finger last night on my microwave (I have no idea). Thank you, God, that I’ve got nine other fingers that work quite well. And thank you, Lord, that you are always good. And, so on…

Part 3: No Mess Here

Got myself a new kitchen, folks!

Before: The kitchen was totally fine and when I told people I was redoing it they were like, “You JUST moved in. It’s a new house!” to which I pretended I couldn’t hear them. But in my defense, when we bought the house, the lady at the design center was like, “Which cabinets do you want, brown or brown or brown?” so we never really got to pick out stuff we really liked. And yes, I realize I sound like a rich snob who steals candy from children.

Kitchen Before 1

Kitchen Before 2


My fancy lady designer came up with this bad boy!

(I moved a big pile of crap off the counter to take this picture.)

Kitchen After 1

Kitchen After 2

Kitchen After 3

The End.

PS. If you need a carpenter in Houston, the guy who built this wine storage for us was awesome. And I don’t get anything for saying that. I’m not getting, like, free drill bits. Plus, our original cabinets were not solid wood, and he was able to do this while working with our existing cabinets. Meaning it was super cheap but left us with a custom-built-looking (I think, anyway) kitchen. He also built out the cabinets around the fridge so that it’d look more built-in. That sentence doesn’t make sense. Again, super cheap, but huge difference. He did all the carpentry work in one day. Esteban Huerta – 713.805.0895.

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