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I got a job writing book reviews, which basically means Harold gets a new bed delivered to the front door every other week.

Harold on a book

Harold and I both now have our dream jobs.


Have you ever seen on Oprah or something where some lady saw a 20/20 documentary on orphans in Russia and was like, “I saw this boy on the TV and knew he was my son”? And then the lady actually goes to Russia and adopts the boy and he’s in the audience? Well, that’s how I felt when I saw this:

Chief's Post

Which led to this:

Chief is Home

We named him Chief.

He’s pooped in my living room twice.

FAQs about Chief:

Q: How is Cowboy doing with him?

A: Cowboy humped Chief for a good hour last night. Benson and I watched while we ate our salads. Once Cowboy started humping Chief’s face, Benson remarked, “Welp, dominance has been established.”

Q: How is he doing with Harold?

A: Harold loves his new dog and repeatedly walks underneath Chief and rubs his head under his chin. Chief likes Harold, too, and even stepped on him earlier.

Q: What kind of dog is he?

A: Your guess is as good as mine. He appears part goat.

Q: How old is he?

A: Vet guesses about 4 months.


So I was gardening the other day. Kidding! I don’t even have a plant story; but if I did, it’d go nicely here.

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