Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter

Out and In

The Ledbetters Out in the Flood

Driving to Skinny Ritas in a downpour…

Benson (joking): Hey – we should listen to “November Rain”! Wonder if it’s on Boom 92?

(Benson turns on radio. Boom 92 is not playing “November Rain” and is instead playing old school rap, because they are an old school rap station and not a 90s rock station.)

Christina: Hey! It’s Me So Hony!

(Benson laughs. The song continues. After twenty-five seconds, Benson cocks his head at the lyrics.)

Benson: This song is really called Me So Hony?!

Christina: Are you serious? You’ve never heard Me So Hony? What kind of childhood did you have? Actually, kudos to your parents.

(Benson and Christina go eat tacos in the downpour and profusely thank the waiters since they are the only patrons in the entire establishment and will likely be to blame if the bartender gets stranded in high water later in the night.)

Skinny Ritas

The Ledbetters Home in the Flood

We bought an adult coloring book*.

*Adult coloring books do not contain drawings of nude adults in bondage. They do, however, contain drawings of birds and creatures of the sea.

Every ten minutes or so we hold up our pictures for the other to praise.

“See how I did this shading?”

“Oh yeah, that’s good. See mine? With this red outline and orange belly? That’s good, right?”

“That’s so good. We should mail them to our parents so they can hang them on the fridge.”

“Mm hmm. Can you pass me the green?”


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