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by Christina Ledbetter

Things That Don’t Make Sense

First of all, on my walk this morning this man stopped me on the street and asked, “What do you think about what’s happening at the border?”

We were right beside where a new neighborhood is going to be built and for a split second I thought he meant the border to the neighborhood. Then I realized he meant the Mexican border. I looked around for a while and knew that nothing I said would make him happy. Finally I was like, “Um, I haven’t thought about the border this morning. What do you think?”

And then he told me what he thought. And his face went all red. And then he said, “All the f***ing republicans should be killed!” Then he accused me of voting for Trump.

I looked up and down the street for help. “I, but I didn’t vote for Trump,” I stammered.

Then this nice lady in a minivan drove by us and waved and he yelled that people need to slow down.

So there’s that.

Also, I have a new video series!

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