Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


Ever since that dude stopped me on the side of the road and blamed me for the crisis at the border and hinted that I’d be better off in a pine box, I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out on my morning walks. Here are things I’ve seen:

  • A necktie
  • A water bottle filled with pee
  • A German short hair rolling in a mud puddle
  • A lady and her son having their photos taken by a photographer who said, “Let’s try holding hands in this one.”
  • A dead possum (opossum?)
  • Eight new houses being built in the places where old ones flooded from Harvey
  • A tennis ball (which Cowboy snatched up quick-like)

Speaking of specifics . . .

Here’s part II of my study on what’s up with trying to figure out the specifics of what God’s up to in our lives.

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