Stuff I Talk About

by Christina Ledbetter


Most days:

Oatmeal. Pick up dog poop. Pray. Write. Not write. Curse writing. Pray. Write. Snack. Walk neighborhood dogs and pick up their poop. Salad. Write. Not write. Cook. Talk. Gym.



Almost cried because I’ve never hugged a horse before.

Asked Benson to take pictures of me with the horse.

Swam in a swimming hole with my husband and my dogs.

Saw three deer.

Got bit by bugs.

Bought peaches on the side of the road.

Had a frog jump onto my shin and stick there.

Saw a double rainbow.

Ate biscuits and gravy.


Categories: This and That

3 replies

  1. Life in the country ❤️

  2. Hey C.L.
    Am I just missing most of your blogs, or are you writing less these days?
    Pretty cool about a frog sticking to your leg. That made for an interesting sentence.

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